Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday--February 9

Let me preface this post by saying I've been a bit of a hormonal mess this week.

Last fall, I attended a meeting at work where Fr. J shared a story about a row of dominos.  One domino became anxiety-ridden and began to quiver.  When the stress became too much for the domino, it fell over, triggering a reaction that caused several other domios.  The point of the story (or at least, what I got out of the story) was about supporting the dominos around us.  When you work in the non-profit sector, a lot of your work is about supporting the dominos.  This week, I've been the quivering domino.  It would be incredibly easy to just skip m Thankful Thursday post, but since I'm trying to get through the funk, I figure I need to focus on our blessings for a bit.  Here goes:

I'm thankful for J, who has traded cars with me.  Sandy has been stalling for some reason, but not with the consistency necessary to diagnose her.  Our best guesses are all expensive, so we've been trying to avoid just willy-nilly replacing parts.  Unfortunately, that means driving her and paying attention to the common factors when she stalls.  And for someone who doesn't know much about cars beyond an expectation that they work when she gets in them, this is a little anxiety-inducing.  Since it isn't nearly so stressful to J, he's taken over primary diagnosis work for Sandy.

I'm thankful for our electrician, who spent nearly two hours trying to figure out what the PO did to the lights on our deck.  No thanks to PO, of course, who messed up the electrical and then covered it up.

Finally, I'm thankful for Fr. J, who does an awesome job of reminding me that I'm meeting his expectations at work, and exceeding most of our parishoners expectations.  I've definitely needed that reminder this week.

What are you thankful for this week?

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