Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Robot Cake Love

Ugh!  I've no idea what's wrong with Blogger, but posts just haven't been posting this week!  Here's Tuesday's post, and I'l be back with Wednesday's soon!

I'm so excited to share this cake with y'all.  When B mentioned that Superman's birthday party would have a robot theme, I immediately did a Google Image search for robot cakes.  They fall into two categories: flat, almost 2-D cakes and 3-D carved upright cakes.  When a friend gave me a ball-shaped cake pan, I knew that Superman would be receiving an unright robot cake.  I sketched my idea and sent it to B for approval.

With her blessing, I figured out the scale, bought a ton of cake mix and powdered sugar, and went to work.  The result was a cake slightly larger than I'd intended, but just as cute.

Some close ups of his model number (the birthday boy's initials and age) and the satellite dish on top of his head.  The center pole of the satellite dish was actually a sparkler candle that re-lit a few times when blown out.

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Becky said...

Somehow just saw this post. Loved this cake! actually, not sure who loved it more, me or my kiddo :) Thank you again for sharing you time and talent with my boys!!!