Sunday, February 12, 2012

D.J. Turn it up!

I'm writing this so late on Sunday that the odds are great you won't find it until Monday.  Which makes Monday a two-fer.  You're welcome.

Anyhow, I mentioned plenty of times that last week was a huge bummer of a week.  Luckily, by Friday afternoon it started to turn around.  My dear friend K spent half of her day off playing chauffeur so I could get some grocery shopping done, then dropped back by that evening to take me out to dinner with her and our friend BSB (not to be confused with SWB!).  I met K and BSB when I was working for Girl Scouts and we frequently had lunch dates to bitch about fundraising and volunteers and our respective non-profits. BSB moved to Cleveland last fall when her husband was transferred and she is now a SAHM to her 2.5 year old son and five month old daughter.  Based on the hilarious stories she shared over dinner and Orange Leaf, I suspect she'll be back to work soon!

My Saturday DAR meeting was cancelled due to the weather (any amount of snow and old ladies just don't mix), so I spent the day baking and decorating a cake for a very special six-year-old.  J and I hit the birthday party, watched a movie (Easy A--we'll be giving it four stars on Netflix) and the UK game, and called it a night. 

This morning, my anxiety flared back up.  We had a meeting with the parents of my middle schoolers about attendance.  I know, Rational JE knows, that this wasn't something to be worried about.  Irrational JE, however, was certain that the meeting was going to go poorly.  Visions of me, tarred and feathered, while the townspeople yelled things like "we'd bring our kids to Sunday School if only she wasn't the teacher" ran through my head. 

J, being the awesome husband he is, decided to take my mind off the meeting as we drove to church.  Thanks to his ipod, we listened to a series of totally pop-py girl power songs all the way to church.  And yes, there was car-dancing.  By both of us.  I can only imagine what the other folks on Man O' War thought of us.  Hopefully they saw we were having a great time and turned their own radios up. 

Oh, and the meeting?  It was fine.  Of course.

Title:  Wow, it's been a while since I used a song lyric for a title!  This one is from Ke$ha's We R Who We R, aka Song Two on our playlist.  We also listened to Katie Perry's Firework and Liz Phair's Extraordinary


Becky said...

J's not too bad ;) Wish I'd seen the car dancing... Also, so glad the meeting turned out well!!!!

JE Melton said...

Becky, you'd have died! We did the robot, the sprinkler, everything!