Friday, February 17, 2012

Fitness Friday--February 17

Happy Friday!

Physical Fitness.  My Friday is totally not the last day of the week since I'm going to a lock-in for our diocesan youth tonight, leaving early tomorrow to set up an a women's day at church, then leaving that early to head to NKY for a cupcake making event with the DAR Juniors.  My eating hasn't been great this week, but it's been decent (better than last week!), and I'm a little worried that my Friday night/Saturday is going to hijack that.  Even after last week's awful week of eating, I managed to lose 0.2 lb last week.  With luck (well, with good eating this weekend) I'm on target to lose another 0.4 lb this week.  That will put me at my 5% weight loss since Jan 2.  Woohoo!

Fiscal Fitness.  J and I did our taxes last week, and now we're just waiting for the refund.  Part of the refund will go towards our gutters, but the bulk of it is going toward my peace of mind.  We decided last week that I can't keep driving Sandy.  J was a real trooper about driving her for me, but she was stalling out for him, too.  On Monday, he tried to take her in to the mechanic, but a flat tire thwarted that effort.  Thank goodness for AAA!  After several days at the shop with no progress made toward identifying the problem, we gave up and traded her in.  Her replacement, a much more reliable and practical Toyota Corolla, arrives next week.

How are you doing toward meeting your fitness goals this year?

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