Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saturday smells like...Table Three Ten

So I wrote a long post last night at the Opera (yeah, I totally had to say it that way) about Table Three Ten, where J and I had dinner before walking over to see Falstaff at the Lexington Opera House.  Then, just when I was ready to post, my finger apparently hit the wrong area of the screen and the whole post disappeared.  I hit back, I hit forward, I tried everything.  It hadn't saved, and my post was gone.  And y'all, it was a good post.  I was incredibly bummed.  On a positive note, there is one benefit to the loss.  I got J to install Chrome for me, which allows me to post from my laptop again.  And that allows me to include pictures from our meal last night!

J had the mussels with chorizo in a Nicaraguan lager broth.

I had a strip steak with mashed potatoes and smoked Kentucky shiitake mushrooms.  The smoked mushrooms absolutely made the meal.

For our appetizer, we had a charcuterie plate of chorizo, prosciutto, and Broadbent Country Ham (from down in my part of the world!).  Now, I'm not typically a fan of country ham, but this preparation (sliced very thinly) was so creamy and delicious!

We turned down the dessert options (though the sorghum gelato sounded delicious!) and instead took a walk around the block with a stop at Starbucks for hot chocolates.

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