Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nervous Needlepointer

What?  A blog post?  Shock!  Awe! 

Seriously, I realize I've been missing for the last week.  February and March are shaping up to be busy months, and while I'll do my best to pop in on a regular basis, I expect there may be more days that I'm absent than present.  Last week was newsletter week at church which, combined with making it a short week so I could head to WKY Friday morning, made for a whirlwind of a few days that I barely remember! The best part of the whirlwind was the blessed quiet of a long weekend at home.  While the wifi and satellite TV make a trip to the woods not quite the getaway as it used to be, it's still a place of quiet relaxation for me.  While there I made great progress on my first needlepoint project (Yes, I do consider one-fourth of the X part of the project 'great progress'...no, I can't imagine what I'll call it when I'm actually working on the blue part...):

A group of ladies at St.R are needlepointing various religious icons for our Parish Christmas tree, and I wanted to take part.  My contribution, St. Andrew's cross, was the easiest pattern I could find.  I have until July to finish, but hopefully I'll be able to share the finished project (my part of it, at least) much sooner than that!

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Anonymous said...

Ummmmmn..., Not technically an icon, punkin. I know, the last thing you probably need today is linguistic correction, but it may be a shield, an ornament, aa project or any number of other things, but an icon it's not. Oops.