Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Meet Terri

J and I are currently participating in an unplanned extended test drive of a vehicle we never plan to consider buying.  Meet Terri:

Why?  Well, last Monday, Sandy slipped on some wet pavement and bent up her undercarriage.  Ten days later, she's still in the shop, though I've been given some small amount of hope that she might be fixed today.  J and I enjoy the occasional one-car family experience, so we figured we would juggle Irene for a few days (at first, it really was just going to be a few days).

Then, on Saturday, something went wrong with Irene.  We're still not sure what, as the suspected problem sensor has now been replaced and she's still not quite right.  While being a one-car family sounded like a fun adventure, being a zero-car family was not something J and I were interested in.  So, off I went to Enterprise (that is a whole different story that requires much thankfulness for our friends B & D) in search of something small and cheap.  I came home with a five day rental on a GMC Terrain:  something neither small (though the girl at Enterprise assured me it was a "Small SUV" and unfortunately the smallest thing on their lot) nor cheap (though again, the girl assured me that we got the same rate as a full-size car so really it was a bargain...).

For those of you who don't know me well, I'm not a fan of big vehicles.  The last time I owned a four-door vehicle (as my primary source of transportation), I was 16.  I don't have the best spacial awareness (J can't tell you how many times he's apologized to people I've not seen and walked into), and that extends to my vehicles.  So, smaller is generally better.  Imagine then, me as a the primary driver of an SUV (even a small one).  It could be scary.  Luckily, the Terrain comes equipped with extra side mirrors that show my blindspot and a back-up camera to help me see how close I am to whatever is behind me.  Last night, J offered to drive her home after we'd picked up Irene from the shop (this was before we knew Irene wasn't better).  He didn't realize that I'd become so attached to our little rental I'd already been brainstorming names.    Really, we've both become attached, and we now understand the appeal of an SUV (particularly a small one like this, which gets excellent gas milage!!).  We're still not in the market to replace either Sandy or Irene (shame on you for thinking that!!), but we're certainly more open to a vehicle like this when it is time.

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