Friday, November 11, 2011

Fitness-Check Friday

Most weeks I gloss over the physical part of my fitness check-in and head straight for the fiscal part.  This week, I'm thrilled to have news to share on both fronts!  (Yeah...some days this blog is lamer than is probably one of those days.)

On the physical fitness front, J and I walked eleven and a half miles this week.  The odds of us hitting 150 miles for the year (not to mention running a half marathon) are pretty slim, but I think we might get close.  (Here's how:  we're spotting ourselves fifty, because even though we didn't record it, we did go through phases of walking/running in 2011 and we probably got in around fifty total).  In addition to just feeling generally good about exercising, we're also feeling better in general.  Gotta love positive unintended consequences of good choices.

With regard to our fiscal fitness, we've been making progress there, too!  While we did better the first half of October than the second, we still finished the month with a much more balanced food budget.  As a result of working on the food budget, as well as being generally more aware of our spending, we were able to cut our credit card bill in half (it wasn't huge to start with, but it was higher than we were comfortable with and half is a good number).  I did our weekly shopping yesterday at Aldi and continue to be amazed by how far our dollar stretches there.  (Granted, it stretches much further when I'm the one shopping...)  I'll keep you posted!

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