Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Checkerboard shelves

So this is probably stretching it, and I'll be irritated tomorrow when I don't have a picture for Wordless Wednesday, but I just wanted to share this picture of the shelves in the craft room.

I started buying these photo boxes several years ago (if you clicked through yesterday's post to the picture of my craft room back in 2008, you saw the beginnings of this collection).  When my mom and I moved the bookcase upstairs (it used to be in the library in our basement, but was removed when we got our barrister shelves), I discovered that three boxes would stack on each shelf.  Mom took over the placement strategy, and we ended up with this awesome checkerboard.  You might notice that a few are still unopened.  I bought ten a month or so ago, and haven't needed to use them.  Then, after putting everything on the shelf the other night, mom noticed that I was 5 white boxes short of a perfect pattern.  I picked those up yesterday, thanks to a sale at Michael's. 

Most of the boxes are labeled, and it is (so far, at least) a pretty well-organized crafting system.  I commented to my mom how strange it is that someone who can be so cluttered can also be so very OCD about having her craft supplies so very organized.  I totally love it.

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