Monday, October 31, 2011

Craft Room redo

My craft room is always in some state of mess.  Remember way back in 2008 when I blogged about trying to clean the room up a bit?  That was about a year after I condensed much of my pre-wedding apartment into this 120 (or so) square feet.  About a year later, I turned a partly broken laptop into a desktop on my desk, moved a small printer cart in next to the file cabinet and added a four drawer chest to that wall as well (to hold gift bags and tissue paper).  My mom came up and helped me sort through all of those copy paper boxes, and those boxes left over were moved into the closet. Over the last couple of years, I've continued to periodically clean and organize the room, but it is much more frequently a catch-all for anything craft/hobby/work-related.  I think (hope) that is about to change.

Also a couple years ago (in October 2008), I first spied a daybed at Duncan Tavern, the Kentucky DAR headquarters.  You can see part of it in this post about Miss Molly (on the far right of the picture).  Earlier that year, when I'd been working on my craft room (see post referenced above), I decided that I needed a daybed in the room.  The ideal space I identified, though, was too narrow for a traditional twin sized daybed.  On the day we delivered Miss Molly to her new home, I thought to myself that this particular daybed might work--if only it wasn't locked away in a museum!

Fast forward to last month.  An email went out about an auction at Duncan Tavern.  Several items that did not fit the period represented had been deaccessioned and would be auctioned.  "My" daybed was on the list.  Squee!  On Friday, mom and I attended the auction.  I'd ignored the cardinal rule of auctions (discuss how much you can spend with spouse), and I was worried.  I've been discussing our tight budget, and despite my immense love for the daybed, I wasn't willing to spend too much on the dream.  I set my limit in my mind and prepped myself for disappointment.  Which happened about an hour later when the daybed sold for $50 over my limit (and $25 over my highest bid...yeah, you did that math right!).  Then, in desperation, I decided that maybe I could spend more.  I quickly texted J and asked for approval on the higher number.  Then, I went in search of the winner.  I guess I got lucky, as she was having a moment of buyers remorse (she ignored the cardinal rule of auctions, too) and feeling sympathetic toward me.  In fact, we were able to swap out the paperwork, tear up her check, and submit a new one from me for just $5 more than her winning bid.  Success!!

The only problems?  One, getting it home (I've still not settled that question yet), and Two, where to put it.  Now, I knew where I wanted to put the daybed, but I also knew that the space in mind was full of craft-room junk.  Mom and I spent a couple hours Sunday afternoon working on the craft room.  We made considerably progress, and I expect we'll wrap it up today.  Once the daybed arrives, I'll take pictures so you can see it!

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