Monday, October 10, 2011

Another Manic (lead in to) Monday

This weekend was almost as crazy as last weekend, but I'm still hoping that it's leading into a calmer week (not calm, mind you; I'm not crazy enough to think that!).  Friday night I helped set up for the ECW purse sale at church (if you're in Central KY, I urge you to bookmark this link and mark your calendar for next year!).  There were hundreds of purses there to be placed on tables that filled the parish hall.  I even found a gorgeous vintage wicker purse for $8.50!! 

Saturday, I got up and headed out for my monthly DAR meeting, where we had a wonderful speaker from the Dry Stone Conservancy.  These folks promote the preservation of Kentucky's trademark stone fences, and the speaker was just amazing! While I was at my meeting, J was busy around the MP, ensuring that I came home to a clean kitchen and (my favorite) a flag flying out front!  Our flagpole blew down during a storm last fall and it is so nice to have it back up!

After my meeting, I met J and a friend of his from high school for the third annual Incredible Food Show.  We've been every year, first to see Bobby Flay in 2009, then to see Giada DeLaurentis last year.  This year, the Voltaggio brothers were the featured chefs, and while they aren't "television chefs" and so had a very different demonstration, they gave a ton of useful cooking tips.  We really enjoyed them, but were a bit worried that the show seemed smaller this year.  We really hope it isn't going downhill already.  After the show, we met up with a couple J went to college with (the husband also knew the high school friend).

Sunday involved an early morning at work, followed by church, followed by an afternoon visit to to a pumpkin patch with half a dozen on our St. R children and their parents.  By the time I got home, I was exhausted, and I am definitely looking forward to a quiet Monday!

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