Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Flower Photos--October, Arrangement 1

So we generally try to stick to the 'recommended' anniversary gifts, usuallychoosing the traditional gift suggestions.  Sometimes we stretch it a bit (like the year J gave me a flags for the flagpole out front because nylon is fabric and cotton is fabric, so really he did cotton, right?  Or the year I gave him a brick at the new (then) Indianapolis Colts football stadium and then gave him a certificate telling him about it so I could count that I gave him paper), but this year we actually stuck to the recommendations.  I gave J a new tie (silk) and he gave me a gift card at my favorite wholesale florist good for fresh flowers (that I get to choose and arrange myself) every month, all year (flowers are also on the suggested list for four years).

For my first arrangement, I didn't even spend half my allotment for the month, and I'm really pleased with it.  Prepare to see an arragement or two popping up for Wordless Wednesday this year!

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