Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordless wonder

I mentioned last week that my friend C was visiting from Texas.  She'd planned to come in just for the weekend, but as it happened, the Hindman Settlement School Day at the Races was planned for Thursday at Keeneland.  As a long-time Hindman supporter, C re-worked her schedule so she could attend this fundraiser.  While we probably would have visited Keeneland while she was in town anyway (you can't visit Lexington in October or April and not visit), we most likely would not have visited in such style.  One of the perks of attending Hindman Day at Keeneland is the dining room with a view of the track.  This was a particularly nice perk on Thursday as it was cold (in the 50's) and rainy most of the day.  Anyhow, here is a picture of the two of us at Keeneland:

P.S.  My apologies for the lack of posting this week--between the company and the busy days at work catching up from a couple days off, I'm just behind all around.  With a DAR weekend coming up, I'm just going to warn you in advance to expect this flaky-ness to continue...


Anonymous said...

You could do a "flaky" Friday post!


Becky said...

And, being "busy" and being "flaky" are two entirely different things! This week, I'd say you're "busy" ;)