Friday, October 28, 2011

Totally Flaky Friday

So I mentioned yesterday that I was embarking on a weekend in DARworld, and I fully expect to forget a post at some point this weekend.  Quite frankly, I'm sort of surprised I remembered this one... :)

Anyhow, physical fitness check for the week:  J continues to lose weight and look great.  He is now a lower weight than I was at two years ago.  And about twenty pounds heavier than I am now.  I've never been a small person.  Even when I am at a healthy (or, unhealthy as J might argue I was when we met) weight, I've still got a medium bone structure and broad shoulders.  I'm just not little.  And I don't care for little men.  Which means I have some work to do to be sure my husband doesn't overtake me in weight loss.  So.

Moving on to fiscal fitness, our grocery budget was rather annihilated this week.  Remember last week when I mentioned that grocery shopping with J kind of hurt the grocery budget?  Apparently, sending him grocery shopping on his own is even worse.  I'm not entirely sure how we did in terms of eating out (that's always a bad sign), but I know we ate out together a couple times, so I know that means we went over budget there, too.  On a positive note, we're still coming in at just over half our average food budget for the month, so I think we earned a 'free' week.

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