Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Woundup

Sorry, I couldn't resist the Elmer Fudd reference.  I was considering "weekend wipeout" since that's how I feel after this weekend, but decided to go with Roundup (or rather, Woundup) instead.

J and I had an awfully busy week last week and that just rolled right into an even busier weekend.  After being at church Thursday night, we headed to Frankfort Friday night for a fundraiser at Buffalo Trace.  Buffalo Trace, if you don't know (how could you not know??) is a bourbon distillery.  They make a variety of Bourbons, like large batch Buffalo Trace to small batch or single barrel varieties like Blanton's or Eagle Rare.  We took a 'hard hat' tour of the distillery followed by a guided tasting and lesson.  It was tons of fun, and J and I had a great time!

Saturday I ran into work for a few hours to try and catch up.  Turns out more people drop by the church on Saturdays than during the week, so it wasn't quite as productive as I'd have liked.  That afternoon, J and I watched a movie and took a nap before heading out again for this month's game night.  The boys were victorious in our game of Cranium Turbo, but we girls put up a good fight and kept the game close!

We were back up early on Sunday morning as October is J's month to coordinate breakfast/coffee hour at church and I had more work to do before church.  I didn't actually make it to a service today, but did manage to catch communion 'on the fly' before heading out again to set up for our church Gala.  We held it at Equus Run Winery this evening, and I have to recommend them for their beauty and yummy wines!  I, of course, picked out cute shoes to wear.  That was a huge mistake as I spent most of the evening on my feet.   I'll be paying for that decision for a few days, at least!

So there you have it--our super busy weekend.  See why we're wiped out?  I'm hoping it will be a quiet day around the MP (or at least a quiet morning!).

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