Sunday, October 19, 2008

Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel

Another Sunday, another chance to report on a great weekend adventure. This weekend was the fifth annual Turkey Kick/Beer Olympics, a chance for my college friends and I to get together and forget (and all too quickly remember) that we're too old to be drinking the way we used to. Unfortunately for me, I mis-read my calendar and scheduled a meeting for this afternoon that made the drive to Missouri and back impossible (well, possible, but I wouldn't have been a pretty sight, so best to ackowledge the improbability of it all). No worries though, J and I managed to survive a fairly boring weekend (see "Happy Thanksgiving" garland at left for proof of that. Oh, and about the garland--I only put it on the mantel to take the picture and show how it might look during the Thanksgiving holiday. I'm not starting to celebrate Hallothankmas Eve or anything.

So where is the promised 'great adventure weekend' then? Ah, for that we go to my mom. Mom and a friend signed up for a bus trip to Oklahoma this week to visit one of the DAR schools. They set off this morning from western KY toward the I-64 interchange north of Evansville to meet the bus and were about 30 minutes out when they learned that, through another scheduling mishap, there was no bus. Not ones to balk at inconvenience (these ladies are descended from American Revolutionists, after all), the tour group decided to perservere and road trip to Oklahoma. As I write this, the ladies are about an hour from Joplin, MO, their stopping point for the night, and about 400 miles from home. They have visited Lamberts, Home of the Thrown Rolls in Sikeston, MO (didn't go in, as the line was too long), passed countless fields of corn and cotton, and have seen two buggies of Amish families (did I mention they decided to take US 60, a four- and sometimes two-laned road across Missouri?). I encouraged them to take pictures and keep me posted; expect updates!

One last note--many of you were lucky enough in the last several years to meet Miss Molly, the 2008 NSDAR Junior Doll. Miss Molly brought in $7,000 for the DAR schools this year, and we were lucky enough to have a Kentucky Daughter win her in the drawing. J and I delivered Miss Molly and all of her accessories, including her trunk, a miniature replica of Duncan Tavern, to her new home (the full size Duncan Tavern Historic Center and Museum) on Saturday. The room where she has been placed will be turned into a child's room this winter, but I thought I'd post a picture of her as it looks now. (Miss Molly is in the chair on the right.)
Title: Roadhouse Blues, by the Doors

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