Wednesday, October 1, 2008

If I only had a brain . . .(it would probably hurt)

Today I had my first ever migrane headache. As I posted on my Facebook status, some firsts are not to be celebrated. The headache part was bad enough, but the nausea was the kicker. It was so bad, I thought my name was Roquentin, until I realized I didn't have crippling existential angst. . . well, at least today.

The point of this is, I came home and my wonderful wife of one year and two days, allowed me to curl up in bed, put a pillow over my head and ignore the world for a bit. She took the ball and ran with it, getting dinner together, etc., all after having a hum-dinger of a day at work herself. In short, she was quite the teammate today, doing my part and hers.

So, no funny story from me today. Just a small story of how the joys of life hide in the little bits of everyday. And today, JE's small gestures in the small story of my headache revealed the greater joy that she is in my life.

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