Sunday, October 5, 2008

Money, Money, Money, Money

With the economic downturn and crazy gas prices hitting us harder than we'd like, J and I put ourselves on a bit of a budget last week. Though we've tried and failed at traditional budgeting in the past, this time we hit upon a plan that would guarantee success--we made it a challenge! Those of you who know us well know that there's nothing my husband won't compete for, and I was game on this one, too. Introducing, the $100 Challenge. We each got $100 to spend on meals out, gas, and other incidentals for one week. As an added incentive, if we saved $50 between us, we could spend Sunday afternoon at Harry's watching football (our favorite Fall pasttime). Well, week one went incredibly well, and we had a great time watching the Colts come back to beat Texans while enjoying our regular nachos and sushi! Wish us luck--the more we save, the sooner we build that fence in the backyard--Zeppelin will thank you!

Title: For the Love of Money, by the Ojays (a.k.a. the theme song to The Apprentice)

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