Friday, October 17, 2008

Who are you?

When posting comments, there are several options to pick from when identifying yourself. One of these options is "anonymous" which is a great option to pick from if you are not a regular reader or are playing a silly game with us (always an option--we like games). Signing your comment "anonymous" is not the best option, however, when you ask questions that you really want a response to. Case in point--our curious corn commenter. J and I thought we knew who asked the questions about the corn maze and were all prepared to send him the answer. Until we found out we were wrong. So now we've got the answer (not a great answer, but an answer just the same) and no one to tell.

So, if you've been considering leaving a comment, here is Lesson Two--Choosing Your Identity--

Note: If you need remedial help, please see Lesson One in "I don't want to work..." below.

After clicking on the comment button and typing your post, you'll see four push buttons listed under the heading "Choose an identity". If you aren't an avid blogger (and let's face it, you wouldn't be reading my lessons on how to comment if you were an avid blogger) you can skip the first two choices. The third choice is "Name/URL". Click that button and two boxes show up. The first is for your name (first name is fine--really, we aren't picky) and the second is for a URL (which is completely optional and fine to leave blank). So type in your name and click the button labeled "Publish Your Comment". It's that easy. Well, I think it's easy. I've been wrong before.

Anyhow, Class dismissed!

Title: Who are you? by The Who

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Anonymous said...

I'm lost in a maze and can't find myself. So how can I tell you who I am????