Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's a beautiful day...

...for many reasons, but among the reasons for today's greatness is that I spent the day with two minor celebrities (I know, you're jealous already). Toyota holds a conference in Lexington (and Louisville, but I'm not worried about that one) every year with the theme "in the interest of women". This year, the Girl Scouts were recognized for our Leadership Academy program that Toyota funds, and we were invited to set up a booth in the resource area. Seeing as one part of my job is to find former Girl Scouts, hanging out all day with 600 women was a no-brainer. The day also included addresses by Doris Roberts (Ray's mom on Everyone Loves Raymond) and journalist, and former Girl Scout, Lisa Ling (the under 30 set may remember her from Channel One; the older may know her from The View or National Geographic). Of course, we got Lisa to sign our copy of GS Leader Magazine and to pose for a picture with us! (Pardon the poor quality; I only had my cell phone.)

Also, a promised update--Thelma and Louise made it to Oklahoma and are having a good time. I think they have one more day at the school before heading to Branson.

Title: Beautiful Day, by U2


Samantha said...

How fun! I love Lisa Ling and yes I am jealous.

Anonymous said...

Jean, that's so awesome! You stink! Love Suz