Thursday, January 6, 2011

Looking Forward

So finally (almost a week into the new year, but who's counting?) I'm ready to post the Melton Point Goals for 2011. I actually intended to post this Monday or Tuesday, but I found that The Nester (motto: It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful--don't you just love that??) planned a linky party for today to share goals for 2011. Full admission, I've never participated in a linky party and I may totally fail, but if I am going to blog more consistently, I figure parties like this will help me keep the ideas flowing. Basically, you can click to her post here, and you'll see all of the other people who are sharing their goals today. They may or may not show up here, too, but I don't think so...

So, in 2011, J and I will:
  • Run 150 miles each.
  • Participate in a half-marathon. Right now, we're looking towards the Flying Pig in Cincinnati, but we are open to others.
  • Continue our weight loss efforts. 25 pounds for JE; 40 for J.
  • Complete the following home improvement projects:

Finish the main bath (seal and grout the marble, prime and paint the walls, reinstall toilet and vanity, buy and install mirror, install new shower curtain curtain rod)

Finish the master bedroom (make and hang curtains, print pictures for photo wall, hang pictures on photo wall)

Finish front of house (paint shutters, reinstall flag pole)

Back of house (rebuild deck using composite lumber, move storage shed)

Library (stain bookshelves, figure out what kind of countertop to install, install built-ins)

Living room--if we accomplish everything else and are feeling a little bored (In the words of President Reagan--Tear down this wall!, and then fix the stairs, paint)

  • Continue to work on our finances. Currently, we spend entirely too much on food for two people (grocery and eating out combined), and we hope to pare down to half of what we spend now.
  • Internalize and live our 2011 phrase--Be alert, for God is a whisper. Read more about that in yesterday's post.


Michelle said...

Great goals!! My husband has ran the Flying Pig before, lots of fun!!

Cindy said...

Great goals! We have found that our grocery bill has gone down just because we aren't eating as much and we are losing weight. Eating out is very rare due to financial constraints and when we do eat out, we are cognizant of where and what we are eating. Sometimes the cheaper food is not better for us, though.
I hope you reach your goals!
God bless,
Hugs, Cindy

Melinda's World said...

Love the goals for the year! I am on this coupon saving wagon, so if you need help in really saving some money using them, give me a call. It has been awesome for my husband and I.

JE Melton said...

Thanks everyone! We've been slow to start training, but Cindy--you are so right! I always want healthier food when I'm running, and I eat out less! And Melinda, we've also slowed down a bit with the online couponing, but we're definitely finding out pace with our grocery budget!