Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday smells like... Waffles

I've been craving waffles for a few weeks now, and since it turned cold again, the flame isn't working on the cooktop this weekend. Solution? Waffles! Using Alton Brown's Good Eats recipe for waffles (with a few substitutions) and our trusty new KitchenAid stand mixer, Chef J created these:

Yum! And, because the waffle recipe called for wheat flour, I didn't even feel guilty for adding a big dollop of homemade Chantilly Cream! It evens out...right?


Becky said...

HEY!!!! Where was our invite for those???! Next time...maybe???

JE Melton said...

I thought about it, but it was after ten by the time we ate and we were pretty sure you guys were long past breakfast at that point!!

Becky said...

First breakfast, but it was time for 2nd breaskfast!! Um, and we'll always made room for something that tasty ;)