Friday, January 28, 2011

Furnishing Friday: Brass Lamp

Lamp today (left) and lamp in the early 1950's (right)

Item: Brass lamp with red shade

Who Purchased: Grandmother B.

Year Purchased/Received: early 1950’s—we think 1952

Location Purchased/Received: Owensboro

Description: This lamp has a brass base and a red milk glass shade. My Grandmother B. bought it sometime in 1951 or 1952 (we think 1952) after a special glass lamp (worth noting that she no longer remembers what that special lamp looked like) was broken by my mom and her little sister while roughhousing. She bought this one as a cheap replacement that wouldn’t break as easily. We are dating this lamp by the picture on a Christmas Card that we actually just discovered in November. In the only Christmas photocard my Grandparents B. ever sent, the lamp is shown over my mom’s right shoulder. Also over her shoulder, you’ll notice her braids (okay, maybe you won’t, but my close-up picture came out fuzzy). When mom was in first grade, Tommy Dantic from down the street pulled her braids, so my grandmother had them cut off. Since the braids are still present, we know mom was six in the picture, so 1952!

Markings: None. I've turned it completely over and can't find a single marking.

How it came to the MP: In 2005, my Grandmother B. downsized her Owensboro condo in exchange for an assisted living facility in Texas. At the time, my mom took the lamp home with her to western Kentucky. I later needed a lamp in my living room, and mom thought the shade would match the rug we bought on our honeymoon, so she brought it to the MP.

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