Thursday, January 20, 2011

If scientists can change...

If scientists can change the astrological calendar, do you think I could change the regular calendar? I mean, they've added a new sign, so I figure can add a couple of days in the week and it should all work out okay, right?

Here's why: I've realized that Thursdays are my super-productive house day. It doesn't matter what the first part of the week looks like, I don't seem to get a lot of work done on the house before Thursday. Case in point--last week, I spent the first days of the week being snowed in (Right, I realize this means I had 72 whole hours to be productive inside, but I was being snowed in! You can't be productive when the weather dictates that you curl up with something warm to drink and a good movie!!), and by Thursday, I was ready to get things done around the house. This week, we didn't have snow (though it just started to fall, so I'm thinking tomorrow looks good for another snow day!). J was home Monday and I had a Stella & Dot event Monday night, then worked at Williams-Sonoma Tuesday, volunteered a couple of places yesterday and made a cake, and then today--boom--painted my bathroom. Now granted, I squeezed that in between a Stella & Dot meeting and prepping for a trunk show tonight, so it clearly didn't take a lot of time. But that's my point--the desire to nest just doesn't strike before Thursday!

So what do I need to get more accomplished at the MP? More days in the week after Thursday!! I can make this happen, right?

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