Sunday, January 9, 2011


So I've been doing the daily blog post thing for a week now (roughly...9 days, I guess). Daily blogging is both easier and more difficult thank I expected. In terms of holding myself accountable, it is vastly easier than I expected (even when some posts go up at midnight, like yesterday's!). Subject matter, though? A little tougher than I expected.

When I think about the blogs I read, they generally have a purpose--decorating blogs, design blogs, mommy blogs--there is a thread that runs through the blog that you can see even when a post deviates a bit. This blog was started to keep our non-local friends and family up to date with the big events in our home and lives. Sporadic blogging worked well for that purpose.

So what now? I don't know that daily blogging serves a friends and family blog when there isn't something going on that necessitates daily updates. I like the outlet that journaling provides, but is this the right venue for that? How does a blog evolve?


Cindy said...

This January 1st saw my own blog take a new direction. It has evolved from a divorce blog, and a way for me to process all that went down over the last year, to one that now consists mainly of living your best life.....with a little stream of consciousness writing thrown in, just to prove my mind can traipse into some tangled areas. My focus is to write with authenticity, whatever that may mean for me on the day I sit down to pound the keys. Imperfect, to be sure....but always real. Evolved? Evolving? Time will tell.....

The Irreverent Economist said...

I have just started "blogging" too, and struggled some with what to write. I remember in graduate school, we discussed an idea about how often people get interesting ideas. The context there were research ideas, but it applies in an interesting way here. We figured we all had one really good insight each day, but that we had no control over the subject of that insight: it may or may not apply to our research, and the insights that did not, were not highly valued. I think a blog may be a good way to take those, often largely discarded insights we might have, and convey them.
The danger, I fear, is that I - at least - think more highly of my insights than others.
Good luck.