Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This Little Piggy

WARNING: There is a picture of feet immediately after the second paragraph. I know some of y'all are not into feet and I just want to give to the heads up to close this tab/window and go on with your day in peace.

There are some bloggers who participate in this thing called Wordless Wednesdays where they post pictures once a week instead of a whole post. I've no idea if there are actual guidelines to this movement or not, but I figure I need something to keep me going this year and if 52 pictures will do it, then 52 pictures you'll get! Oh, and yes, I know that today is Tuesday, but it's late and most of you will find it tomorrow anyhow!

So why are you looking at my little piggies? Because I spent six weeks on my feet for hours on end in super cute, but not necessarily good for my feet, black flats. And wrapping presents, giving myself papercuts with giftboxes (OW!), and slicing pieces out of my fingers when I got a little too exuberant with the scissors on my dovetailed ribbons. So the hubs, in his generous wisdom bought me a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure. Today, I cashed in and returned home with soft, smooth hands and feet!

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