Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer To-Do List Check-Up

Since we're most of the way through July, and a bit more than halfway through summer (meteorlogically speaking), I decided it was time to check in on our to-do list.  I mentioned the list here and here, and and am happy to actually cross a few things off!

Find and install a light fixture
Re-grout and seal floor

Paint/Replace shutters

Replace doorbell (Read about it here)
Address brass porch light (replace or paint black)
Buy/build black trellis for roses
Build pretty new mailbox post
Have gutters replaced
Demo/Rebuild deck
Move storage building

Remove mismatched bookshelves
Build base for barrister bookshelves
Clean and reorganize laundry room (for space to finish built-ins)
Sand and Stain shelves for built-ins
Build countertop for built-ins
Install built-ins

We're still almost done with the bathroom (Long story on the light fixture, but the short version is that it's now awaiting installation; still need to redo the grout...eventually...), and the outside hasn't quite gotten the attention I'd hoped for, but considering that I was out of town a third of the time, I'm okay with it.  The laundry room is now ready to be turned into a workshop so that we can finish the library shelves, so that's great progress!  Really need to so something about those gutters though...

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