Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Saturday smells like... Good Meals and Bad Meals

Note:  I realize I missed a few days of blog posts at the end of the DAR conference, but since I did manage to think about what I might write about each day (just didn't actually get to a computer to write) I decided to try and get them all in.  And, quite frankly, I'm leaving town again Wednesday morning for another busy trip.  I thought I ought to give you something to read.

So.  Last week was a week of what I think of as "good" meals and "bad" meals.  Most days I got one of each.  Well, not including breakfast.  My trusty fiber bars took care of breakfast , so those were technically "good", too.  Some days my "good" meal came at lunchtime--Wednesday I had beef tenderloin and asparagus.  And carrots, I think (they all run together at this point).  Friday I had a delicious spinach and chicken salad from the Dept. of the Interior.  Saturday was salad, chicken and carrots. Those evenings I ate a Quiznos sub, a slice of pizza, and sugar wafers respectively.  Alternately, Tuesday and Thursday I had wonderful suppers (fruit plates, beef tenderloin, more asparagus).  I don't even remember lunch either day.  Odds are they involved more sugar wafers.

Unbelievably, I ate a lot of asparagus last week.  J can tell you this is a vegetable I usually avoid like the plague.  I'll let you know if I can figure out what was different about it.  Also, unbelievably, I avoided gaining any weight last week.  While I ate dessert at the "good" meals and had more than my fair share of carbs, I also managed to walk a mile or so almost every day (the walk from the hotel to the Hall across the Ellipse is one not to be missed) and worked to maintain appropriate portion sizes and stop when I was full.  I know that trips can sabotage a diet, and I'm happy to be halfway through my two week travel stint with the scale still intact!

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