Sunday, July 24, 2011

Don't you love...

...a productive weekend?  J and I had one of those rare blessedly empty weekends and managed to fill it with just the right combination of relaxation and productivity. 

Saturday was by far the most productive, and Sunday far and away the most relaxing (I was up a little early to finish a cake before church, and countered the early wake up with an extra-long afternoon nap).  We also managed to watch three of the Harry Potter movies this weekend.  Two were on TV Saturday (three and four), and Sunday evening we rented the fifth from iTunes (who knew you could rent movies from them??).  I have a feeling that six and seven-a (and probably seven-b in the theater) are in our near future!

The most productive part of the weekend (aside from the cake I mentioned, which you'll probably see Tuesday) was in the laundry room (which you'll actually read more about in this week's Melton Point Monday post).  The laundry room totally wasn't on the 'to do' list for the weekend, but I'm generally not one to ignore the inspiration to clean when it pops up (not a frequent thing, you know). 

The only part of the weekend that I'm disappointed with is that my afternoon nap actually extended too far into the evening to make it to the cookout at church this evening.  Not that I've made it to any of this summer cookouts, but I did hope to see my co-teacher and this family, who moved back from England this week. I figure I've still got one more cookout before July is over though... (Hi Chris! Welcome back!) 

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