Friday, July 1, 2011

Frenzied Friday

Confession: Most days at Continental Congress are frenzied.  Today though, I managed to take a morning off, so (now, at least), Friday doesn't feel quite as frenzied as the other days.  I'm sure this will change. 
An example of the frenzy this week--

Last night (really, late yesterday afternoon), I attended a dinner.  The DAR arranged for a bus to transport us from the dinner to the evening session, and intended to run the bus two times--once for ladies who needed to get there early and a second time for those who could arrive 'right on time'.  I, and many others, skipped dessert to take the early bus.  It did not arrive.  After twenty minutes of standing in the late June heat, and with little hope for the arrival of the bus, I spotted ur Kentucky bus across a plaza (about a block away).  I quickly mentioned it to the ladies around me, sent them off toward a crosswalk and sprinted across four lanes of traffic to the plaza to catch the bus driver and make him wait.  Okay, perhaps I didn't sprint.  I didn't even run as fast as Carrie Bradshaw.  But then, she never ran in a formal and pins, did she?

Another example--

The DAR has 53 state societies.  50 for each of the states, one for the District of Columbia, and one each for France and Mexico which each have enough chapters to require a state governing body.  Can you imagine wrangling 53 nervous and anxious ladies at one time?  Last night was State Regents Night, when each State Regent (it's like our President) has two minutes to report on the activities of her state over the past year.  Because they process into the hall, we take their purses and other items.  The often nervous ladies end up with their reports folded into tiny square and tucked into their gloves.  You can imagine what those look like when they are finally unfolded to read!  Last night, the lining-up part of the evening actually went well.  I only pinned one or two corsages, and only had to steal a pin-back from one page to re-dress a State Regent.  Still.

Now, I 'm off to jump back in the frenzy.  I promised mom a new two liter of diet coke, so I'm headed in search of that before heading back over to the hall.  Today is one of two days that we have a morning and afternoon business session, puncuated by lunch and teas, dinner, and then the exclamation point of National Defense Night tonight.  Another long, and about to be frenzied day.  And I love it.

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