Monday, June 13, 2011


Remember last week, when I gave you my list of summer projects?  Well, I kind of left some things out.  Namely, the front of our house!  We never painted the shutters last summer/fall.  When the front door was a natural wood color and the shrubs covered most of the house, no one really noticed that the shutters were green. 

Before:  Mostly hidden green shutters that at least kind of match the oak door

Now that the front door is black and there are no shrubs, the green stands out like a sore thumb!  Also, the brass doorbell next to the brushed nickel storm door handle drives me nuts every time I walk in the front door. 

After:  Pretty black door, no overgrown shrubs, and eek!  Scary green shutters!!

So, add these to the list:
  • Paint/Replace shutters
  • Replace doorbell
And maybe, just maybe:
  • Address brass porch light (replace or paint black)
  • Buy/build black trellis for roses
  • Build pretty new mailbox post
The bathroom edges toward completion, but I've still got a light fixture to order.  I'll post a picture when we pick one!

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