Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday smells like...lunch meat and cheese

Odd title, right?  Unfortunately, this is the food most smelled around the MP in the last week.  Before he left J was working a lot to prep for being out of town and I was either in meetings or on my own.  Also, we were out of town last weekend, which is really what prompted the meat and cheese-fest around here. 

Used to we would stop in Bardstown or E'town on our way west (or south) to grab a sandwich at Subway.  Last Friday, with bread off the menu (for J, at least), we stopped at the Bardstown Wal-Mart to hit up the deli.  Then Sunday, on our way back, we did the same thing at the Madisonville Kroger.  It was there that I re-kindled my old love affair with sharp cheddar.  Back in grad school, I spent one summer eating little else but cheddar sandwiches.  You have to get it from the deli so that you can get sharp (or better yet, super sharp) cheddar, and so that you can get it sliced extra thick.  A slab of cheddar, a slice of fresh summer onion and a bit of ketchup is far and away my favorite summer sandwich! 

Other favorites this week?  Baby Swiss and thick sliced roast beef--together with some gourmet mustard (with barely smashed mustard seeds)--yum!!

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