Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dude, you got a...

Do you remember those Dell commercials?  I think they came after the Gateway "cow-box" commercials, and before the Blue Man Group told us about the latest pentium chips.  Anyhow, I was thrilled to get a Dell laptop several years ago (my first laptop!) and crushed when the screen died two years ago, relegating the Dell to 'desktop' status.  I replaced the Dell with a Toshiba that we found on sale at Office Depot.  It was cheap, readily available, and pretty functional.  Until Friday.  When it wasn't.  I'm still waiting to hear from the computer guy I took it to (who told me he really doesn't like to give bad news, so just wouldn't call me if it was really gone for, but I need you all to cross your fingers for good news tomorrow.  I'm terrible at backing up my files, and stand to lose a lot in the way of memories and materials (picture and document files...) if they cannot be saved.

It's been an interesting weekend.  I woke up Saturday feeling incredibly apprehensive and nervous, both worried that the files cannot be saved and blaming myself for not backing up the files as I should have.  Finally, mid-morning or so, I realized (with J's help) that worrying about it didn't help anyone.  I've given it to the expert.  He'll do what he can.  I'll work with whatever I get back (or don't).

All of this reminded me of a story that someone shared with me at a meeting a few weeks ago.  She was reading a Mitch Albom book about faith.  One story in the book talks about a farm-hand whose reference observed that he would sleep in a storm.  Now, initially, this doesn't necessarily sound like a good think, but at the end of the story you learn that the farmhand can sleep through a storm because he has taken care of his tasks so well, he doesn't need to be concerned when bad times come.  A good reminder for me, I would think, and one that I will remember regardless of the result on Monday.

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