Thursday, June 23, 2011

Guess I'll go eat worms (aka Thankful Thursday--June 23)

Do you remember that song "Nobody likes me; everybody hates me; guess I'll go eat worms"?  I'm totally feeling that this week.  I think that the preparation for being out of town for the next couple of weeks (DAR in DC next week and Stella & Dot in San Francisco the week after) has me a little stressed out.  Together with trying to get work done on the house, meet deadlines that will come up in the next few weeks, etc. I'm just a little moody.  While being grumpy makes it hard to think about the things for which I am thankful, I know that taking a moment to count my blessings would probably be helpful, too.  So here goes:

This week, I'm thankful  Okay, so I'm thankful for our house and for the endless opportunities it provides for us to learn new skills and practice patience.   I'm thankful for jobs, whether full- or part-time, especially when so many people still cannot find one that provides for them.  And I'm thankful for our little garden.  For our two growing jalapeno peppers, for the two little pepper nubbins we found on the jalapeno plant last night, and for the blossoms on Rutgers, our heirloom tomato.

What are you thankful for this week?  And do you get grumpy when you're a little over-anxious?


Anonymous said...

I DO NOT GET GRUMPY. I am totally even keel. It is the rest of the world which suddenly gets especially dense and fails to grasp the enormity of the situation and is often totally stupid, oh, and they are not very nice to me guess I get a little grumpy...maybe...sorta.
So you know what I'm thankful for? I'm thankful for people who are forgiving when I get grumpy.

JE Melton said...

Love it! And thank goodness for the people who love us (or at least tolerate us!) when we do get grumpy!!