Friday, June 10, 2011

Fiction Friday--June 10

Edit:  I thought I scheduled this to post Friday morning, but apparently it didn't.  Sorry about that.

When I was a kid I loved to read. I preferred fiction, but would read magazines, comic books, my mother's etiquette book, anything I could get my hands on.  Generally, but especially during the summer, my parents enforced a good book/bad book rule, which is to say that for every book of decent literary value I could read a bookor two of no intellectual value whatsoever.  Think Jane Eyre in exchange for Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley High.  I loved the classics and poured through our copies at home, but often found myself borrowing books from friends and the local library, too. 

My recent 'rediscovery' of the local public library has lead me a rediscovery of how much I enjoy reading.  I'm sure my parents will be crushed to discover that I've not exactly left the chick-lit section of the library yet, but I promise to reinstitute the good book/bad book rule soon.

But not tonight.  Tonight J stopped on his way home and picked up Sweet Valley Confidential--a brand new book that checks in on Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield "Ten Years Later".  I loved the Wakefield twins as a kid, from the time I discovered Sweet Valley Twins in third grade until I finally gave up on the series in high school--I didn't really get into the SVU series that came out around then.  Because it is in such high demand (I was on a waitlist to check it out), this book has a fourteen day check out limit.  I told J to give me fourteen hours.

Did you have favorite books or series when you were younger?  Do you read as an adult?


Becky said...

WHAT??!!!!! The Wakefield twins as adults??!!! Oh. my. word. Bring that sucker over here when you're done! Pretty please? I'll have it back to ya in 2hrs flat (um, if not interrupted by kids, of course. 5hrs otherwise).

Anonymous said...

My read voraciously as a youth. Particularly science fiction and history and World War II books. I go through periods now, where I hardly read for "fun" at all. But that's because a large part of my job is reading. We too have recently rediscovered the public library. It's about a 10 min (or less) walk from our house and with only 5 channels of British TV...I needed something.