Friday, June 17, 2011

Feeling flighty

I don't generally struggle with insomnia (I leave that to J), but I've had a terrible time getting to sleep during J's trip this year.  I vaguely recall similar struggles with sleeping in the past when he's been gone, but this year is definitely worse.  Maybe it's the instant access to Glee?  I'm up to Episode 15 of Season One, by the way.  Regardless, the too few hours of sleep the last couple of nights and the too many hours at work left my head all over the place with no real topic for today's post.  Definitely a flighty Friday at the MP!

Hope you have great plans for your weekend!  I have a couple projects around the house to tackle (hopefully I'll have pics to share Monday), and eight more episodes of Season One to watch, as well as more work and a DAR meeting.  And probably a couple more sleepless nights.  See you tomorrow!

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