Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A trio of talents

With J being out of town working on his own talent (talent might be too strong of a word, but golf is definitely a hobby...) this weekend, I had plenty of time to work on my own.  Unfortunately, I totally wasted most of that time on Glee, and watching Netflix is hardly a talent. 

I did, though, work two extended shifts at W-S and with Father's Day on Sunday (not to mention that we're in the midst of wedding season), there were a ton of packaged to be giftwrapped.  Y'all know I was in heaven!  I also had the opportunity to provide some gift wrap training to a new employee.  Watching her try to wrap reminded me that giftwrapping really is a talent, and one that not everyone has.  On the other hand, she is a wonderful cook and has me beat in that part of the store any day!  I can't wait until the holidays when I can move back to the giftwrap desk full-time!

I also spent a little time making chocolate buttercream frosting.  When I first started decorating cakes, I was unhappy with my attempts at chocolate buttercream (not nearly chocolate-y enough).  I think I've created a pretty good version using Hershey's Cocoa powder, and I've learned which type of cocoa powder should yield even better results. 

Finally, I worked on the serving tray bulletin board.  The first layer of cork is currently under a ton of books (maybe a half-ton, but still...).  I used a thicker, but smaller sized cork for the first layer, and then I plan to cover it with a layer of thin rolled cork for a seemless look.  With luck, that will be ready for next week's Tuesday's Talent post.

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