Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Schedule

Back in the early Spring, I shared our house goals for the MP, gave a hint as to our Summer plans.  As always with our house, the goals didn't go exactly as planned and the plans have shifted to wishes.

First, with regard to the Spring Goals:  we successfully put our family room back together, we've almost finished our bathroom remodel (only need to find a light fixture and re-grout the tile floor), and we made no progress in the library.  Obviously, we'll keep after the bathroom until we finish it, and the library has been booted a bit down the line.

On to Summer goals:  We mentioned a new deck.  Our savings for the deck (at least, a portion of the deck money) is going instead to new gutters.  We're currently waiting for the last quotes on replacing our front gutters, a job that will also include replacing much of the fascia, some of the soffit, and may also include adding attic venting.  Even I'm not crazy enough to think we could DIY this job. 

When the gutters are done, we'll see how much is left to address our deck.  Actually, before we actually tackle the deck (that project I am crazy enough to think we can DIY), we need to move our storage shed.  I hope that J and I can find a weekend to empty the shed, move it to its new location in our back yard, and put everything back inside in some sort of order.

If there is money left over, we plan to strip the deck of the current decking and railings and replace them with composite decking.  We think we can re-use the existing substructure, but we'll find out for sure when we tear off the current boards.  That's why we need to be sure we're financially ready for whatever the PO's have left for us.  Sometime down the road (like next summer) we'd like to add a patio off the deck.  I just don't see that happening this year.

Then, we'll head back to the library, in hopes of finishing that project before Autumn.  Oh, and I'm using the meteorlogical seasons here, so Summer (for me, at least) is June 1 through September 1.  I'll keep you posted on our progress!

What summer projects have you planned?

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