Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Smells Like . . . Low-Carb Pizza Take 2

Hello all, J here. JE is at a funeral (a former state regent) and has to pack for national DAR conference. As such, she was able to convince me that I could stop playing my new Batman video game long enough to write a blog post about our second attempt at low carb pizza.

As I said in the last post, the two hardest things for me in being on Atkins is: (a) the absence of Chik-fil-a; and (b) the lack of pizza. I've solved the first one, as Chick-fil-a's website proudly states that you can get a "protein" version of their sandwiches (i.e. no bun, but with large lettuce leaves) for between 3 carbs (grilled) and 12 carbs (classic breaded). So every now and then, I indulge in a bit of Chick-fil-a.

As for the second one, the cauliflower pizza from last time is okay, but it's just heavy and I can't get the crust right. Enter Dr. and Mrs. Hiter. JE's parents have been doing this Atkins thing off and on for a while, so when JE went home for a bit, she picked their brains. Turns out, Kroger and other major chains often carry high fiber flat breads (sometimes with added flaxseed) that can be used for mini-pizzas! Now, this doesn't work on induction, or when you're trying to keep the carb count extremely low, but if you're at the maintenance stage, or you need a bit of a treat, these things are awesome.

To make the low-carb version I'm talking about you'll need:

a low carb flat bread from your local grocery (often in the bakery section) (We used "Flat-out," pictured below)

You'll also need one can of tomato sauce, one can of tomato paste, seasonings for your sauce (I use minced garlic, fresh basil and oregano and one packet of Truvia, salt, pepper and red pepper flakes) and whatever pizza toppings you want (I had mozzarella cheese, pepperoni and ground beef). Mix the tomato sauce, paste and seasonings in a bowl (taste often). Then spread the mixture on the flat bread as you like (thick coat or thin) and put the toppings on top. Place the pizza on a silpat on a cooking sheet and put in a 400 degree oven for around ten minutes. Also, you can put the pizza directly onto the oven grate for even crispier crust.

The final product is much better than the cauliflower pizza. Still, the cauliflower pizza does well for induction, and this version should only be used as a treat until you reach your maintenance weight.

Later. I'm off to play more Batman Arkam Asylum.

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