Monday, September 26, 2011

MP Summer To Do List Wrap-Up

Edit:  When I was on top of posting daily, my mom would email me mid-morning to let me know my post wasn't up.  Now that I'm sort of off that wagon, I guess she doesn't know to remind me when posts don't post as scheduled.  Anyhow, here's Monday's post!

Y'all.  Summer was not a productive season around the MP.  Remember my list for the season--here and here?  Well, we crossed off some things, and added a few things that didn't make the initial list.  And there's still technically one week left of September (humor me) so maybe I'll cross something else off the list before it officially rolls over to my Fall list. 

Here's where we are (added items in red):
  • Have new gutters installed
  • Move the shed out back
  • Replace the deck (best case scenario)
  • Clean and rearrange the laundry room
  • Finish the library built-ins
  • Paint/Replace shutters
  • Replace doorbell
  • Address brass porch light (replace or paint black)
  • Buy/build black trellis for roses
  • Build pretty new mailbox post
  • Put down weed-preventing fabric/mulch and pavers in front beds (HALF-DONE)

 Check back next week to see if anything else gets crossed off before I introduce our Fall list!


melissa said...

You have another award to add to your list!! Woot woot! :)


JE Melton said...

Thank you!!