Friday, September 9, 2011

Finicky, Flaky, and in a Funk

I really think that I might need to rename my Finicky Friday label to Flaky Friday, as more often than not, that's what I've turned into by the time Friday rolls around.  Not only did a blog post completely slip my mind last night, it slipped through so quickly this morning that I forgot again!  Anyhow, here's to a slightly flaky blog post, just the same!

I'm not sure what the weekend has in store for the MP.  We'd hoped to have J's folks, but illness is keeping them in Western KY.  I can't lie, I think J's in a bit of a funk about that.  Or maybe it's just the typical 'end of the fiscal year' funk settling in right on time... :)  Actaully, we're both in a bit of a funk.  Sandy thanked us for her many trips as a pick up with a trip of her own to the shop for new struts yesterday.  I have to say, she's sitting much taller today!  I think we're going to have to initiate our annual $100 challenge game again to pay ourselves back for that one!  We've offically missed the opportunity to canoe through the lock on the Kentucky River for the year (Remember how I said we'd have to do it on Labor Day, if we were going to?  Well, it turns out they needed four people to do it and we were the only two to sign up...), and while I have two trips to Frankfort scheduled this weekend, I don't think either of them will include canoeing Elkhorn Creek (though I think we've finally had enough rain that at least we would float!). 

Any suggestions for free or super cheap plans on a cool and damp weekend? 

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