Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Sign of September

Among my favorite things about September (first day of Autumn, first day of professional football, traditional first day of school and all the awesome back to school supplies that comes with that season) is my anniversary.  One particularly nice thing (of the ten thousand particularly nice things that made up our wedding celebration/receptions) about our wedding was the blue eucalyptus wreaths that were hung on the front doors of the chapel, then again on the front doors of the Bell House, where we had our Lexington reception.  J and I kept the wreaths, and each September I hang one on the front door as a little month-long reminder of the very special day that comes at the end.  Especially now that we have a working storm door, the scent of the eucalyptus when I open the front door in the morning is still so potent--I love it!

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catlover said...

Love that you celebrate all month with your wreath!...We do the same thing with our almost 13 year old (December) hurricane lamps with a Christmas wreath around the bottom. Anniversaries are so special!!!