Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome to Fitness Friday

Hi everyone!  So back in the summer of 2009, J and I started a new exercise regime, that led to some pretty decent weight loss on my part (50 pounds over the course of a year) and to both of us feeling better about ourselves.  Then I quite my job and gained ten pounds the next month.  And then winter rolled around and I gained ten more. And then spring rolled around and I gained five more.  And then I crash dieted 10-15 pounds off.  And then they came back. 

I the meantime, J started Atkins last April and has lost 40 pounds.  He's now the weight that I was at my heaviest (though not my current weight, if you followed the second-grade-math word problem up there).  I'm more than a little freaked out about that.

Then, last week, we took a walk on the trail around the park behind our house.  For the first time in almost a year, the 2.5 mile trail totally wore me out.  Translation?  I'm out of shape.  So, since I've been struggling with my Friday posts, I decided to add a new category to Finicky Fridays.  I thought about calling it Fatty Fridays, but J tells me that's negative self talk (something we avoid here at the MP).  Then I decided on Fitness Friday (since that's what we're going for).  And I thought maybe I'd do it on the first Friday of the month (since it's all alliterative), but then I thought that maybe I should do fourth or fifth Friday instead.  Then, I remembered that since the over-arching Friday theme is Finicky, it really doesn't matter when I decide to post a Fitness Friday post.  So you can look for them on Fridays.  Next time I'll think about actually sharing stats.  Feel free to join the fun.

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