Saturday, June 13, 2009

Running just as fast as we can

J and I started another attempt to become exercisers this week. Yes, another. We're both genetically pre-disposed to survive drought and harsh winters, which apparently also means we lack the drive and ability to run for the heck of it (Much less because we "crave" it or because it just feels weird when we don't. We know you people, and we think there's something wrong with you.)

Anyhow, because we know that we're likely within a few pounds of medication for the rest of our lives, and because I've lost some weight recently due to my diet, but plateued due to lack of exercise), we're trying again. And because we hear that signing up for a race and telling everyone about it will hold us accountable, here we are, announcing it to the world.

Join us, if you'd like. We're using the "Couch to 5K" plan (learn more here: which offers a nine week plan. Conveniently, Lexington's Midsummer Night's Run is August 15, nine weeks from today. So put on your walking/jogging shoes and make plans to join us on August 15! (Or at least make plans to ask us regularly how our traing is going!!)

Title: "I think we're alone now", by Tiffany

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