Friday, May 11, 2012

Week in Review

I completely fell back off the blogging wagon this week, but I had great intentions (and even thought about what I could write) every day!  Since I'd already been thinking about it, I decided to give you a full week in review.  To make it fun (and because posts with pictures are prettier), I'm going to tie every day back to this picture:

This is a picture of B, her mom, Baby E, Superman and Superkid

Melton Point Monday:  What have we been up to?  Well, St. R's 50th anniversary absolutely commanded our time in the last week.  Long days at work led up to the actual weekend, which was actually three events--Race the Rector (see pic), a Derby Party, and the 50th anniversary church service (complete with Dixieland Jazz band!) followed by Dinner on the Grounds.  Now, I was intimately involved in Race the Rector planning, but moderately involved in the other events.  J, as a vestry member and by extension of my role in all of it, got to be involved in most of these events, too.

Tuesday's Talents:  Look back at the picture above.  See what they all have in common?  Yep, the entire family received medals in their age groups.  So they all ran or walked (well, Baby E rode on B's back) three miles.  It's a pretty awesome family achievement, but I think the 'talent' part of this picture is Superkid.  He's six (remember when I made the cake for his party?), and he beat the rector!  The race was named Race the Rector, and everyone who beat the rector got a commemorative button.  While I fully expected plenty of serious runners to earn this designation, I didn't know if a small child could run the whole race, much less do so at a faster clip than Fr. J.  The Superkid definitely has a talent for this running thing.

Wordless Wednesday:  Well, this whole post is incredibly wordy, but you've got the picture above and I'll keep this part of the wrap-up brief!

Thankful Thursday:  When we woke up the morning of Race the Rector, it was raining.  Not just raining, mind you, buckets of water were falling from the sky, together with thunder and lightening. I was bummed.  It is so hard to drive around placing race signs while in your heart you know the weather is going to keep people from coming out.  B, in her awesomeness, had faith that the weather would break and brought her family (even her mom!) out to run.  She was right, thank goodness, and the streets were dry by race-time.  But even if they hadn't been, I am just so thankful to this family for not seeing the rain and rolling over and going back to sleep!  I'm thankful this week, too, for J who really gave so much of himself to help with the race (even walking the course in the rear of the pack to be sure everything went smoothly on that end with a bum knee).  Finally, not related to the race, but I'm thankful for the families at St. R who have just opened up their lives to me.  Last night I got to hang out at a Little League game with one family and tonight I'll be cheering on another youth at the High School Regional Track Meet.  I'm so thankful for this wonderful extended family that I've been given at St. R.

Fitness Friday:  Not my fitness (though I did walk a lot of miles in preparation for Race the Rector), but B's family above definitely deserves some recognition.  Superman is an elementary school PE teacher and obviously takes fitness seriously, but I just think it's so awesome that the whole family values fitness (especially B, who gets me out every Monday morning for a great walk!!).  With regard to our physical fitness, I'm still thisclose to my 25lb charm.  I'm not exercising nearly as much as I was, and I know this has something to do with stalling on the weight loss front.  J has hit a speed-bump in his fitness quest and we expect he'll be getting an MRI on his knee next week to determine how long he'll be sidelined.  We'll keep you posted!

Have a great weekend!

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Becky said...

We're thankful for you and J, too. And you did such a great job organizing and running the 5k!