Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Green Thumb--We might have one!

Remember last year, when I said that J and I have black thumbs?  Well, me managed to successfully keep half of our tomato plants alive (now there's an optimistic statement!), and both of our pepper plants made it through the season (one of them produced several peppers; the other produced one or two, but it lived!).  The most successful items in our container garden, though, were the herbs.  The oregano and basil were outstanding!  We killed the cilantro (twice), but we managed to hold on to the rosemary.  In fact, the rosemary and basil came back on their own this year, so we consider those an extra success.

On the whole, we dubbed our first season of container gardening a success.  While we might not have four green thumbs between us, we figure we at least have one, and that we should put it back to good use this summer.

To prepare, J removed herbs from the container (placing them temporarily in small pots) and refreshed the soil.  Then, he moved the herbs, together with a few more that we purchased, into one container.  Last year, we overcrowded the containers (leading to the death of two of our Better Boy tomatoes), so this year we have designated one to tomatoes (two plants) and the other to herbs and a pepper plant.  I need to pick up the tomato plants and the pepper plant this week, and I'll have pictures to share when I do!

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