Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Melton Point Garden 2.0

So like I said last week, we've replanted our container gardens.  Last year, we set it up like this: two Better Boy tomatoes in one together with a jalapeno and a poblano pepper plant, as well as a few herbs; in the other we put the Rutgers heirloom tomato with the third Better Boy and a few more herbs.  We felt that the tomatoes were crowded last year, so this year's garden looks more like this:

Container One will hold all of the herbs:  basil, tri-colored sage, rosemary, lemon thyme, and oregano.  In the middle of this container (the herbs are around the outside) will be two pepper plants: a Tequila Bell Pepper (I think we'll name her Tila.  Bonus points if you can tell me why.) and a Jalapeno.

Container Two will be the Tomato Container.  We've purchased two heirloom varieties this year (from a Franklin County farmer I met at the Farmers Market!):  Old German, a variety noted as great for slices, and Grandma Mary, a small meaty variety that is supposed to be good for salsa and sauces.  Having my own Grandma Mary, I'm particularly partial to that one, and I'm hopeful that it will do well.

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