Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A look at the garden

After yesterday's tease about the garden, I felt that I had to share a picture of the garden with you!

On the left is Container Two, which holds our two tomato plants.  The Old German (who may or may not be nicknamed Germie) is on the left; Grandma Mary is on the right.

On the right is Container One, which holds our pepper plants and our herbs.  The peppers are in the center of the container; Pepe, the Garden Salsa Pepper (not a jalapeno, like I thought) is on the left; Tila the Tequila Pepper is on the right.

Photobombing the picture (and waiting patiently for me to throw his ball) is Zep, right in the middle of the picture.


Anonymous said...


"Germie" would not be appropriate. "Hans" would be appropriate, but then one would assume the plant to be male and therefore not likely to bear much fruit. Likewise "Georg" and "Hermann". Maybe "Griselda"? Or better, "Brigitte"? "Hulda" would be nice, especially if you're reading any Flannery O'Conner, nowadays, but there's still the problem of the alliterative aspect, isn't there? Hmnnn. Maybe you should go with a German pronunciation: "Old German" in German would be "Alte Deutsche", so maybe "Aldi"?


Anonymous said...

"Zep: Guardian of the Garden"! I like it.


JE Melton said...

Boy plants? Girl plants? Really?? Then one of my pepper plants is also gender-confused (Pepe, not Tila)... Oh dear... I'll keep thinking on this one.

Anonymous said...

Hey, how would you like it if one of your tomatoes called you "Fred"?

If cars can have gender (not to mention sex), then of course plants can!