Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Walk this way

I'm in the midst of race-planning this week, which means I'm a bit stressed.  The best thing about this race has been how 'local' it is--unlike the Thin Mint Sprint, where I had to drive twenty minutes to get to the course, I've been able to walk the Race the Rector course frequently, both for recreation and for work.  This week, I spent two mornings walking the course to notify the neighbors about the race (we don't want anyone backing out of their driveway into a runner or walker!).  It's funny how two miles can turn into five (which is what I walked both Tuesday and Wednesday to cover the whole course) when you're walking up each driveway or sidewalk to the door and back (and again...and again...and again).  There are about 275 houses on our course, and I've now seen them all.  Together with my weekly Monday 4.5 and the 1.25 J and I got in Sunday afternoon, I've walked more than 15 miles this week.  Crazy.

So to commemorate the many miles walked this week, I decided to share a picture I snapped of my shadow while walking on the beach last month. Happy walking!

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Anonymous said...

5 K or not, that photo looks an awfully lot like beach sand, to me.