Friday, January 6, 2012

First Fitness Friday of 2012

J and I have a few physical fitness goals for 2012, among them to lose weight and exercise.  (Specifically, J would like to lose another 40 pounds this year, and I'd like to lose 25.  In addition, we'd both like to run 150 miles.  Yes, that's the same as last year, but we figure we might as well try again.)  One week in, we're doing okay.  I told you Wednesday that I started Weight Watchers this week, and I'm down a few pounds already.  J has re-committed to Atkins, and he's down a couple pounds this week, too.  As for exercise, well...  Y'all.  It's cold outside.  And J has bronchitis (see yesterday's post).  Exercise just isn't happening yet.  We're starting though, and that's got to be worth something.

With respect to fiscal fitness, J and I are thrilled to be starting off 2012 with a credit card balance of $0.  It wasn't easy last Fall to cut back on our food spending or our Christmas spending (not to mention my crazy idea to work 50 hours a week between two part time jobs for six weeks), but starting fresh this year makes it all worth it!


Becky said...

Wow - zero balance!!! That's awesome and I'm totally jealous! That's my goal for this year, to end it with a zero balance on everything (expect for the mortage, of course). We'll see how that works...

JE Melton said...

Good luck!!
It's a really good feeling, and I wanted to be sure we did it before the first car payment for J's car hits us this month (we'd gotten very used to not having one). Now we just need to keep it consistently at zero. And put our e-fund back where it needs to be. :)